Life style of every software professional ! Does a change needed really ?

Abdul Gaffar Abuthalib
2 min readNov 26, 2019


We are living in a age where we can find a lot tools and techniques to follow up, track and monitor the day — to — day activities and projects to support and take care of the open-source communities and clients. But there are no principles, tools and techniques to take care of the software Developer’s/Engineer’s personal life and health.

Even though the organizations says that their employee’s care is their highest priority. But that’s just for name sake. Still there are some organizations exists where they care their employees really well. Management / Managers thinks and value the employees when they extend their job timings and supporting in the nights during the software deliverable / releases.

At the end of day, all the developers / engineers worked so hard on the software that will be a scrap or considered for a migration to the advanced tools / platforms in the future. This thing exists in all over the globe irrespective of the Software professionals work at office / home as a freelancer. So what are the possibilities are there to overcome this thing ?

Why can’t we have the releases on the weekdays by mentioning publicly that there will be downtime for specific hours ?. So the developers can have a pleasant sleep in the nights and they can enjoy their weekends with their family.

What are the best possibilities to increase the productivity of the Software Developers / Engineer’s ?. So they will be more concentrated and engaged on their jobs during the working hours.