Hello friends, it’s great to be back and discussing my favourite topic — Mendix.

As a continuation of Part I - Multi-tenancy in Mendix. This blog would be purely focused on the additional implementation of the tenant based page linking, tenant based data storage and retrieval.

Hello folks. I hope everyone is doing well in this trying time. In this blog, I will talk about an important topic - cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a service), also known as Multi-tenancy.

Multi-tenancy is about more than just a SaaS implementation: a lot of enterprises wanted to isolate their data based on their business units and their domain verticals.

First I would like to take a moment to explain what is multi-tenancy, for those of you who are not familiar with it.

For the open-source enthusiast who just started their Mendix journey would definitely like to read this writeup!!!

JavaScript in Mendix

As a Mendix practitioner, we knew that we have an option to write JavaScript & JQuery snippets through JavaScriptSnippet widget which is available in the Mendix App Store.

In Mx…

We are living in a age where we can find a lot tools and techniques to follow up, track and monitor the day — to — day activities and projects to support and take care of the open-source communities and clients. …

Abdul Gaffar Abuthalib

Open-Source | Full-Stack | Mendix

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